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  • If your baby is aged under one year, they should not sleep with a pillow, duvet or quilt, as these are not suitable. Instead, choose a baby sleeping bag or top sheet and blanket

  • Cot bumpers are not a baby sleep essential, and parents choose them only for decoration.    

  • Always place your bumper at the head of the cot ad check the ties regularly to make they're secure.  Once your baby can sit up unaided, you should remove the cot bumper.  

  • Additional bedding pieces, like comforters, quilts, and pillows, are decorative elements that can complete the look of any nursery. However, these pieces should not be on the bed when you put a new baby down to sleep. These pieces are considered suffocation hazards for new babies.

  • Quilts can be used once a child can stand or crawl outside of the bed. Often they are placed on the ground to cover it for cleanliness or comfort. When a child grows up and transitions to a toddler bed, they can take the quilt with them to bed.


  •  Do thorough research before placing a bumper in your baby's crib.